If you haven’t been on a cruise before, it can be confusing to understand what is included with your cruising price.  This can vary slightly based on the cruise line and what type of package you purchase.  Often times guests can purchase add ons to their package to maintain the all-inclusive feel of their vacation as well.

Here are the standards of what is included with your cruise:

  • Your room as well as taxes and port fees.  When you book your room, this is included during the full length of your sailing.  Every cruise line will offer a variety of room categories or options from smaller inside staterooms great for those on a budget to spacious suites.  Most cruise lines charge your taxes and port fees in advance as well.
  • Your food.  All your meals are included on your cruise unless you choose speciality dining selections.  For example, on a Disney cruise, all the family meals are included but you can choose to book one of the adult only restaurants (Palo, Remy, etc) at an additional cost.
  • Basic beverages are included.  Speciality beverages such as alcohol will always be an additional cost.  Depending on the cruise line will depend on which beverages are included.  For example, on a Disney cruise, soft drinks are included but they would be an extra cost on Royal Caribbean, but Royal Caribbean offers a variety of add on drink packages.
  • Most entertainment on the ship.  The majority of the entertainment on your ship and activities are included with the price.  For example, on your Disney cruise you can see movies in their theaters (including new releases!) and Broadway quality shows included with your cruise prices.
  • Basic food and entertainment on the cruise line’s private island.  When cruise lines offer a private island (such as Disney and Royal Caribbean), many of the food and entertainment choices on the island are included with your cruise price.
  • Disney cruise line also includes access to their Kid’s Clubs in your cruising price during general hours (there may be select extended evening hours for a fee and the nurseries have a cost when they are open).

What could you pay extra for on your cruise?

  • Port excursions.  When you enjoy activities off the cruise ship, especially port excursions or adventures, there will be an extra fee.  This can include certain activities on your cruise line’s private island such as cabana rentals, renting scuba gear, etc.  Please be aware that many of port excursions are not hosted through your cruise line even though you book through them so make sure to read the terms and conditions.
  • Speciality dining and beverages.  If you want to enjoy adult beverages or try some of the speciality dining meals, those will come at an extra cost.
  • Extra entertainment and experiences.  Experiences such as spas and special entertainment aboard certain cruise ships will be an extra cost if you choose to enjoy those features.
  • Tips/Gratuity.  You can offer add this to your package in advance, but this would be an additional cost to tip the staff that serve you on your cruise.

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