Many travelers are feeling uncertain regarding cruising especially in light of the latest announcement by the CDC, but cruising can still be a great travel option if you know what to expect.

What are the top 3 reasons to book a cruise in 2022?

  1. Cruise lines are held to the highest health standards and are some of the strictest with regards to travel at this time to help keep guests safe.  Cruising is one of the only industries that requires guests to test before boarding.  And many cruise lines also require guests to be fully vaccinated if they are eligible for vaccination (currently ages 12 and older and starting in mid-January this will be ages 5 and older).
  2. Cruising is still a fun and all-inclusive vacation, even if you remain on the ship.  The entertainment and dining options on your ship are usually excellent choices and even if you do not stop at ports, there is still so much to do and see.
  3. Most cruise lines are booking into 2023.  Still concerned about being on a ship in 2022?  We understand, but now is the time to get the best deals on 2023 cruises.  And many cruise lines are offering flexibility with cancellations as well.

What to expect if you are considering a cruise?

  1. Purchase travel insurance.  There is a chance that something will happen during your trip.  There is even a chance that you won’t be able to board.  Check the travel insurance policy as not all changes to travel are covered depending on the policy, but we strongly recommend adding insurance to all travel packages.
  2. Go to enjoy the ship.  There are limitations on the number of ports ships can visit at this time.  But the entertainment and options on board can still make for an AMAZING vacation.  Also, many cruise lines have their own private island that you will be able to visit.
  3. Have documentation prepared and ready in advance.  Make sure you know what is required by the cruise line.  When you work with a Goofy Getaways Travel Planner, we assist with this process so you don’t miss any of the vital information needed for safe travels.

While we understand that some guests may still be hesitant to cruise, there are great deals available at this time for those who are ready to set sail on many of the major cruise lines including Disney, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.

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