One of our travel planners, Kayla, was recently invited on a Fireworks Cruise at Walt Disney World.  Here is what you need to know:

This is a little different from a dessert cruise, as these are private boats and don’t include desserts, but you still get a spectacular view of the fireworks!


We met down by the boat dock at Wilderness Lodge around 7:30 and our captain picked us up about 45 minutes before fireworks. They took us around Bay Lake and 7 Seas Lagoon and showed us some of the fun ‘secret’ spots around the lake like where River Country (Disney’s original waterpark) was located and where they used to keep the animals on Discovery Island. They even showed us the ‘Shoe Tree’ which is where cast members who were learning to run the boats would throw a pair of shoes into a tree when they graduated from their training!

We were able to enjoy the gorgeous sunset and really see the lake in a unique way while visiting and having a fun time with friends! The boat is a Pontoon style boat and can hold up to 10 guests! Definitely make sure you bring some friends with you!

There were also some light snacks and beverages like packaged cookies, pretzels, waters, and soft drinks. You can also let them know if you are celebrating anything and they will decorate the boat for you! The friends who invited us were celebrating their anniversary, so there was a happy anniversary sign on the side of the boat with some fun balloons tied down as well!

Closer to fireworks, they pull the boat up right smack dab in front of the train station! (Outside the dock harbor of course). We were able to get a front row view of the fireworks and they even piped the music into the boat so that we could get the full experience! We were really excited because we could still see the projections on the fireworks and Tinkerbell flying out towards the end! The fireworks look HUGE from outside of the park, so it was amazing to see a little different perspective of Happily Ever After.

After the fireworks, our captain drove us over to see the Electrical Water Pageant and we got a rare up close view! Let me tell you, that music was BUMPIN’! It was amazing to see not only up close, but that was our first time seeing the show ourselves! This is one of the only times you will ever get to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks and the Electrical Water Pageant back to back!

Afterwards, we were dropped off back at the dock thus ending our night!


This experience comes at a price of $399 plus tax and as mentioned earlier can fit up to 10 guests! If you split between a few friends, that’s a really great price! This is perfect if you want a more private alternative to the Ferrytale Fireworks Dessert Cruise or if you are celebrating something special!

Children 12 and under are required to wear life jackets, but don’t worry, your captain will provide them for you.

If you are watching the Magic Kingdom Fireworks, you will have departure docks at one of the following Resorts:

If you are watching the Epcot Fireworks, you will depart from Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort.

There are instances where Fireworks may be rescheduled or canceled, so you will want to make sure that either you or your travel agent confirms two weeks before your reservation.

Want to know more?  Reach out to Kayla today () or contact your Goofy Getaways Travel Planner.