Rise of the Resistance is an immersive ride and experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This can be found in Galaxy’s Edge.  The ride takes nearly twenty minutes from start to finish.  Guests must be 40″ tall to ride and there are intense moments that might make younger children scared.

This is also the first ride at Walt Disney World to implement a virtual queue.  Without a pass for this queue, you will not be able to ride.

So how do you snag a spot in the virtual queue?  One, you must have a valid Walt Disney World theme park ticket (or annual pass) for each person you want to ride.  Two, you must have a Park Pass Reservation for the day you plan to secure your virtual queue spot (again this must be for each person in your party).  Spots will go quickly and there are two chances to join: 7am ET and 1pm ET (must be in Hollywood Studios for the 1pm option and can’t have already had a pass for that day).

Here are our best tips to securing a ride on Rise of the Resistance:

  • Check and update the My Disney Experience app the night before to make sure it is the most up to date.
  • Make sure every person in your boarding group is connected within your app.  (It may be helpful to remove others from your family and friend list that will not be riding; you can add them back in later).
  • You can join the queue from anywhere for the 7am option which means you can do this from your hotel room/bed!
  • Have your phone open and ready by 6:55am.
  • Have all adults in your group try to join (or if you have responsible kiddos that have faster fingers, go for it).
  • In your MDE app, go to the three lines at the bottom right corner then select “Virtual Queues”
  • You can either use a countdown method and select to join the queue at 7:00:01 or toggle back and forth from the final two images until the button appears to join the queue.
  • Select to join and confirm your group quickly (this is why having a cleaned up friends and family list helps with speed).
  • You will be given a Boarding Group number if you are successful.

Spots will go FAST so make sure you are on right away.  May the force be with you.