When staying on Walt Disney World property, they provide great transportation options included with your stay.  However, there could be a variety of reasons why renting a car could be of benefit to you on your Walt Disney World vacation.

On WDW property, they offer buses (at all resorts and to and from the Orlando International Airport), boats, the Skyliner and the monorail (these last three are only from select resorts).  However, there can be times where waiting for Disney transportation can take longer, may not meet your needs (ex. going to another resort for a meal) or you plan to travel to other areas of Orlando or Florida during your trip.  In these cases, renting a car might be a great option for your vacation.

If you are staying on Disney property and just want to rent a car for a portion of your trip, they actually have a rental service on property known as the Car Care Center (they also offer vehicle repairs).  National and Alamo car rental services both allow rentals from this location.  This can be a great option if you want to rent a car for the day or perhaps you are going to rent a car at the end of your trip to travel elsewhere (such as down to Cape Canaveral for a cruise).

Another option is to rent at the Orlando International Airport.  Most major rental companies offer car service here.

As with most rentals, you can choose a different drop off location but the cost will likely be higher.

If you have a car and are staying overnight on WDW property, you will be charged for parking.  Cost for parking is as follows (prices are subject to change):

Value- $15/night

Moderate- $20/night

Deluxe- $25/night


Want to know more about how to add a rental car to your Walt Disney World vacation?  Reach out to your Goofy Getaways travel planner for more details today.