Many people ask themselves “why should I use a travel planner when I can do it myself” especially those that consider themselves a seasoned traveller.  Many of our own travel planners asked the same thing, but once you use a travel planner and realize the benefits, it is hard to go back (especially when you pick a high quality travel planner).  So here are three top reasons to use a travel planner for your next vacation.

  1.  A real person to assist you.  Your travel planner is there to answer your questions, guide you through the process of your travel and help you from start to finish of your trip.  We work hard to make sure our clients have all the information needed to have a successful vacation (no matter how seasoned of a traveller you are).  Your travel planner can also assist you while you are on vacation so you can stay in the moment and enjoy your time while they sort out reservation issues or other potential problems.
  2. We monitor and apply discounts even after your trip is booked.  We’ve saved clients hundreds of dollars on their vacations after they book with us.  When a company releases a discount after your package is booked, we can contact them and apply discounts that apply to your travel package.  This saves you money as well as the time it would have taken you to try to search or apply those discounts yourself.
  3. Our services are free! It costs you nothing to use a travel planner.  We are paid commission after you travel by the company we book through (ex. Disney pays us commission after your Disney vacation).  Your trip has no additional cost as companies pre-build this cost in your vacation package even if you do not use a travel planner.  This means when you use a travel planner, you are supporting a small business (likely someone local or a friend/family member) and there is no financial cost for you.

Let us convince you why you’ll never not use a travel planner again.  Contact us for a free quote today.