Walt Disney World and the Disney parks have always been focused on safety and customer service. This is no different during these times.  Cast members and park leadership are working hard to reduce risk of COVID-19 spread (and many other illnesses) and to continue to offer a magical experience for guests.  

Here are steps Walt Disney World is taking to keep guests safe during this time as observed by our travel planners:

  • Before guests arrive, they must make a park reservation which includes signing a COVID-19 waiver.  This park reservation allows Walt Disney World to keep the parks at reduced capacity as well.
  • All guests two and older are required to wear a mask.  Cast members have been trained to enforce compliance with the mask policy, though our team saw very few instances of cast members actually needing to speak to someone.  There are cast members with signs reminding guests of the proper way to wear their masks and all cast members are willing to keep guests informed.
  • All guests will have a temperature check prior to entering the parks.
    • This takes all of a few seconds and requires no contact.
  • Security check points have changed to allow guests to walk through a scanner and not require cast members to touch guests items (this helps to reduces possible spread of germs and viruses that live on surfaces).
    • The new temperature screening and security are quick and seamless.  All our travel planners talked about how fast it was compared to previous security for park entry.
  • Cleaning in the parks:
    • Touchless hand sanitizers are available EVERYWHERE (before and after rides, in the cues, spread throughout the parks, at all dining locations).
    • All hard surfaces are being cleaned periodically including rides.
      • While rides are being cleaned, there is a slight delay in boarding but most wait times accurately include this cleaning time.
      • One travel planner mentioned that he could have “licked the ground” everything was so clean (don’t worry, he didn’t).
    • Hand washing stations have been placed through the parks in addition to the restrooms for more opportunities for guests to be able to wash their hands to reduce the spread of germs.
    • As always, cast members are regularly cleaning the parks.
  • Social Distancing:
    • Park capacity has been reduced (BONUS: this is also creating lower wait times for attractions!)
    • Social distancing markers are spread throughout the parks including in ride cues, at dining locations, and anywhere lines may forms
    • Guests are seated every other row on rides and in attractions and have additional space between parties in these areas and on buses
      • In some instances only one party per vehicle (ex- Seven Dwarves Mine Train or the Skyliner gondolas)
    • Capacity at restaurants has been reduced
      • Table service locations have limited seating and space between where guests are seated
      • Quick service locations have every other table closed to allow distancing
      • Quick service locations are enforcing mobile ordering (if you need to speak with a chef for specific dietary restrictions, this is still possible, but everyone else must mobile order)
  • Final tips from our travel planners:
    • Lines are short right now so this can be a great time to visit the parks and enjoy multiple rides and attractions
    • Plan snack and drink breaks.  Disney does provide mask relief areas and masks can be removed while seated and eating or drinking.  Florida is hot so stay hydrated.
    • Consider a fanny pack or outside pocket of your bag to carry your extra mask(s), hand sanitizer and rechargeable phone battery as you will likely want to access these items quickly and easily.
    • Most guest are being compliant.  The people visiting the parks all want to enjoy the magic and are trying to follow the rules.

Final Tip: Use an authorized travel planner from an earmarked travel agency (such as Goofy Getaways) to help plan your Walt Disney world vacation and any other travel.  We focused on making sure you have all the facts and information you need for a safe and magical vacation.


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