In addition to holding a valid ticket or annual pass for Walt Disney World, guests must now make a park reservation for park they are planning to visit (at this time, park hopping is not available unless a guest is on a VIP tour).  This system allows WDW to help regulate and enforce limited capacity in each park.

How can you make these park reservations?  Here is a guide for you.

  1. Purchase your park ticket or your Walt Disney World package (resort stay and park tickets).
  2. Link your resort package resort or park tickets (or annual pass) to your MyDisneyExperience (MDE) account at (your Goofy Getaways travel planner can assist with this portion should you need help).
  3. In your MDE account, make sure all guests that you would like to make a park reservation for are linked together, have a valid profile and have a valid park ticket.  You can do this under your family & friends tab.
  4. In the drop down menu of your MDE account, there is a tab listed as “Disney Park Pass System”.  Select this choice then hit “Make Theme Park Reservation”.
  5. Create your party.  Make sure to select everyone from your party that you would like to access that park with you on that day then select “Continue”.  You are not required to select the same park for your entire party (so if you have a party of 10, but two of you would prefer EPCOT over Magic Kingdom that day, you can make separate selections).
  6. Then select the date you are making a reservation for (you can only select reservations within your valid ticket dates and reservations can be made through September 26, 2021 at this time.)
  7. Select the park you would like to visit and make sure that everyone from your party that will be visiting the park is listed (MDE will state any possible issues with your party or their tickets such as invalid dates or their number of reservations already being selected).
  8. You will then select the park time for arriving (typically states open-close or the park hours if those are known).
  9. Review and confirm your party and the park pass reservation chosen by reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions including the COVID-19 waiver.  Select the box that you agree then confirm.
    1. Due this waiver and agreement of the terms and conditions, your travel planner CAN NOT select your park pass reservations for you.  We can assist you through the process, but an adult from your party entering the park must make the actual selection.
  10. It will state your reservation is confirmed.  You can then select to make additional park pass reservations on other days or view your plans.  
  11. To go back and review your reservations after they are created, you may search your plans in your MDE account on the website or in the app.

Remember, guests will not be allowed access to the parks without a valid park ticket AND a valid park pass.  This is necessary for all guests over the age of 2 (children under 3 do not require a park ticket or a park pass.

Questions?  Reach out to your Goofy Getaways travel planner today.